Rapid Fire

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Size: 0' L x 0' W x 0' H
Recommended Ages: 1 to 99
Description: Object: Teams of two (with teammates kitty-corner from each other - facing their opponent) start with 5 team-colored balls in each lane of the inflatable jumpers. When the referee blows their whistle, each player is a in a mad dash to pass their balls through the holes in the netting separating their opponent across from them. AT the conclusion, the team with the least amount of balls in their section wins.

Strategy: Players have options of getting their balls to their opponent’s side. The holes in the inflatable jumpers netting are slightly larger than the balls allowing the players to toss them anywhere from their lane of the game or running them up to the netting and passing them through one of the three holes. The base of the inflatable jumpers game is slightly raised to the center causing the players to run uphill and the balls roll back to the starting wall. Players must start with one ball in hand at the start of the game and come back to the starting wall each time to pull the next ball out of the bag and run it up to pass the ball through the various.

The Kicker: Opponents of the same side of the game are attached to the same bungee cord (or rope if bungee cords are not allowed in your state) making the game a constant tug-of-war against your opponent hence stopping them from running forward and you defending your team from the other team scoring!

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