Frequently Asked Questions

Can i pick up a bouncy house myself?
No, safety is our number one concern. We require our trained staff setup and take down the inflatable equipment.
Can you setup at parks?
Yes we have all the required permits to setup your rental at a park.
Do i get a discount if i rent multiple units?
We are happy to put together a proposal to fit within your budget and your needs for your event. Contact Kim for more information.
Do you do last minute rentals?
Yes, give us a call and we will try our best to meet your party needs. if you don't get us on the first try, please leave a message and we will make every attempt to get back to you in a timely manner.
How do i make a reservation?
Once you've decided which of our rentals is best for your event please contact Kim to make a reservation.
How far in advance should i book my rental?
We often take bookings for inflatable rentals 4 months in advance. it is best to call us and reserve a bouncy house, slide or interactive as soon as you have locked down the date of your party. this will help insure that the bouncy house you want is available. we will do our best to accommodate your request whenever you call. as a general rule booking 3 weeks in advance is a good idea.
How much space do i need?
Each bouncy house, slide or interactive has detailed size requirements. please look at the individual units for the requirements.
Is your equipment safe and clean?
We clean our equipment after every rental. we do our best to insure that the bouncy house you rent is clean for the kids and looks good on the outside. in addition we only buy the latest and safest equipment available. we are constantly reviewing new products that offer the best bounce and the highest level of safety. prior to each rental our trained staff will perform a point by point inspection of the equipment to insure it is properly setup, there is no damage and the unit is clean. in addition to our inspection process, all of our equipment is inspected by a state certified ride inspector each year.
Typical delivery range and fees?
Please contact Kim for more information about how far we will deliver and setup a rental.
What are the power requirements?
Our bouncy houses and slides require a standard 110v grounded outlet.
What happens if it rains?
If it is raining on the day of your event we will work with you to reschedule to another date. you will not be charged anything if we need to cancel due to rain.
What if the weather is windy or stormy?
If the weather is extremely windy, we cannot setup the equipment for obvious safety reasons. if this were ever to occur (which is extremely rare) we would work with you to reschedule your rental for another day.
What kind of surface do i need?
Grass is the best surface to setup on. however, we can set up on cement, asphalt or any inside surface. we can not setup on gravel driveways, bare dirt, sand, play chips or beauty bark.
When is payment for the rental due?
Payment is due on the day we arrive to setup the rental.